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I am an amateur photographer who loves to travel around my home state of  Colorado, the US and other countries.  
New Updates as of 04/19/2010

My Ireland Picture Essay is now up and active.  There are still a few edit that I am doing and some pictures don't have descriptions, but those should be done in the next few days!
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Check out my new blog - My plan is to use it to document projects completed, most of which I started in prior years but never finished. Thought this would be a fun way to keep track.
Pictures from my 2005 travels to local spots and to places far away!
(Including England)
Other Pictures and Stuff
Whale Pictures from my  January 2003 whale trip to Baja California Sur (Mexico). A very "Up close Trip" experience.
Pictures of Lighthouses I have been too. My goal is to go to all of them (or least as many as possible)! New pictures from Wisconsin.

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